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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 14, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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investigated for -- what more dan is being said about this? >> reporter: well, certainly that there is internal investigation, that is ongoing. i'm told that that process will involve trying to figure out exactly who was involved, what happened and then they will be continuing to have additional interviews. two u.s. government officials confirming to cnn that prostitutes were brought back to the hotel with agents. we're told it's secret service, undercover agents and uniform officers. what officials are telling us is that at no point was the president's security compromised. these are individuals, according to the sources, who were part of the broader security team and not part of the president's security personal detail. this of course taking place even
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before president obama came here to cartagena colombia. a couple of things, president obama has been updated on this investigation. in addition to that homeland security secretary also has been updated. this incident i'm told by one u.s. government source took place on wednesday, and then on thursday was when about a dozen of these secret service personnel were relieved of duty and sent back home and this investigation got under way. fredricka? >> and you mention the president has been informed, has it been a distraction? it clearly is an embarrassment for the secret service but what about for the white house overall? >> reporter: well, i think you know it really has been a distracti distraction, because most of the people, at lease the u.s. press has really been focused on this story. locally i can tell you that one of the big papers here in colombia had it buried on page
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seven. it was just a small item, not a lot being said about this. but international press, and certainly american press, really focused on this story. and this is a time when the obama administration really wanted to focus on some of the major issues that they share with their latin american partners, such as energy, trade, a job creation. a public private partnership looking to this region which has really rebounded quite well from the economic downturn as an area for growth for u.s. companies. so that is very much what the white house wants the focus to be on. but this very much has been a disstrux. >> of course we'll be hearing more from the white house, 4:00 eastern time now is going to be a briefing from the white house on this matter and of course on other issues that the white house would like to take center stage, but this is the story, the u.s. secret service investigation which is now front and zr center, in terms of
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what's happening in colombia. we're also keeping a close look out for what could be a long night of violent weather across the states. more jackie. >> it's unfolding as we speak we're talking about kansas as well as into nebraska where two tornado watches, the favorable for tornadoes to occur. and when we say a pds watch, that means this is a different kind of animal today. we're expecting large, violent, long-track tornadoes that can be damaging and that's the concern at this hour. and we're focusing in on the state of kansas, especially to the north of i-70. the a tornado is on it right now, and there have been some reports just southwest of here around the town of russell. we don't know if that's tornado damage or straight line wind
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damage, but there are storm spotters on the cell and others near dodge city at this time. the atmosphere is very explosivive today. all of the elements have been coming together and there are about five million people in this high-risk area that could see tornado. your chance of a tornado especially if you live right in here is about one in three that a tornado is going to come within 25 miles of your home. the way to stay safe is to have that plan now, if you live in a mobile home, get out and go to a safe place, prevernbly underground. check out this picture, this is from a company called i map. all these green cars are storm choicers out there. each of them are life streaming, we're in contact with them and as we get reports we'll break in and bring those along to you. >> thanks so much. appreciate that. >> i need to tell you about the health warning, the cdc says at
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lease 116 people in 20 states and the naegs's capital are infected with a strain of salmonella. they think the outbreak was caused by either raw yellow fin tuna products. it isn't sold to individual consumers but it is used to make sushi and sashimi. and one of the accused tulsa shooters says he is not a racist. 19 year old jake england is accused of killing three people on april 6th because they were black. on the tape england said he had grown up in a large african-american community in north tulsa and quote, got along with everybody. the los angeles dodgers should be under new management by the end of this month. a bankruptcy court judge approved the team's reorganization plan on friday. the deal allows dodger's owner to sell the team for $2 billion
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to gug hiem managers a group that includes magic johnson. >> for the first time during the crisis in syria, the u.n. security council comes to a unanimous decision. details next. she convinced me that there was no limit to what we could learn. i don't think i'd be here today had i not had a wonderful science teacher. a teacher can make a huge difference in a child's life. he would never give up on any of us. thank you dr. newfield. you had a big impact on me.
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taking a look at news making head liensz around the world now. iran is discussing its nuclear program. the top negotiator says he's bringing new initiatives to the table. the u.n. hopes to convince the country to give up the nuclear program which it believes to be for military purposes. and a century after the titanic hit an iceberg, a cruise ship will make a special journey to
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the spot where the ship sank. a memorial service is planned tomorrow at the exact time it went down. for the first time the u.n. security council is speaking with one voice on syria. russia and china joined a unanimous vote earlier today allowing international observers into syria to allow a shaky seas fire. for more on that, jim clansy, let's talk about this ceasefire. >> it held a little bit on thursday, but today i've got to say, fredricka, it got worse. they're using mortars, they're using tank fire, artillery fire, they're shelling the neighborhoods in cities like
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homs. this is something from the second largest city in syria. just take a listen to what's happening here. now, that is not a ceasefire. there's no doubt about it. so what the u.n. security council was saying, they didn't ring true back in syria. >> so what do they do now with this decision when you look at images like this. >> here's the irony in all of this. that is, the international community doesn't want to intervene. they see kwag mier written all over it. they see higher number of civilian casualties written all over it. they want this problem to go away. >> how is it supposed to go away? >> that's what they're trying to do with this plan. but you ask the right question. how do you expect this to work. the syrian opposition, they don't want to negotiate with bash bashar, they are bitter, they are being armed, the government
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is saying armed groups responsible for those attacks. >> but what is bashar al sad's government saying? >> he's stalling for time so he can remain in damascus. i think you saw russia and china go along with this today because they know he's stalling for time. his tanks have not bin withdrawn from the cities, the troops have not been withdrawn. the demonstrators have not been able to demonstrate and gather freely. it's more of the seem and i'm afraid, fredricka, it's going to get worst. >> that's hard to believe that it can be any worse than this, when you hear about the numbers, in terms of some 6,000 people who have been killed in a short period of time. >> we're talking more than that. i talked to the activists today in homs as well as in province,
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they're putting the number at 13,000, and they're saying look, we're tired of these games from the international community. we're sick and tired of talk. we want military intervention. >> people just want him to be pulled out since he's at the controls of this. >> they want a calm down. the people in syria want the regime changed. >> jim clancy, thank you. coming up, if you still need to finish your taxes -- have you finished your taxes yet? >> yeah, i did. filed electronically. >> good. we've got a list of frequently overlooked depucks ducks if you haven't. it's not to take to take advantage of them.
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just a few days left to get in those taxes, but even if you've already filed, you might still be able to take advantage of some ways to save. josh levs has a left of frequently overlooked deductions. what's at the top of that list. >> i always want to point these out. because obviously you have to pay your taxes but you shouldn't be paying more than you absolutely have to. every year it's interesting to, there's a really helpful list of some of the most overlooked deductions in america. the first one is higher education. i can't even count the number of times i've talked to you all on
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the air about this economy more and more people have decided to go back and get degrees. a lot of people miss that there are potential deductions that could come with tuition at all sorts of schools. the next one a lot of teachers are having to buy school supplies for their classrooms. well, 250 dls of that, even if you don't itemize, can be tax ductable, especially if you're an educator. natural disaster losses, this one strikes me, often when you're dealing with the losses that have come from a natural disaster, taxes are the last thing you think about. this time of year, if you sofrd from one in 2011, make sure to cash those dollars as well. house purchasing expenses, a lot of people know the basics, but there's some specific lines that are also buried in the tax code that show you sometimes there's even more that you can deduct and the details of that i'll show you where you can get
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online in just a minute. if you're item miedsing your taxes make sure you get the state income taxes from the previous year taken off from the preef yausaire. child care, not every one realizes the number of deductions that are available. and one more that people don't start to think about, caring for an aling parent. in this case, if you are putting money toward the care of a parent, you can come up with the associated cost, figure out how to deduct those and save those dollars. i've lessed all for you on my pages. on facebook and twitter. i've got a story there to some of the craziest deductions that people have tried to deduct, including carrier pigeons. you've got to see that. >> people will try anything. but that is great to know because we know a lot of people could use that advice. thank you, i still haven't done mine.
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i'll get there. thanks, so much. the future of manufacturing in america and how to bring jobs back, or create them here at home has become a focus in this election season. chief business correspondent ali velshi takes a look at just how u.s. manufacturing can stay competitive in this week's for tune brain storm. >> scott paul joins us now he's the executive director at the alliance for american manufacturing. let's take a look at how the united states compares to the rest of the korld when it comes to manufacturing. china has established itself they produce everything, 1/3 of all of china's economic output comes from china. china is trying to get out of the lowest end of its manufacturing but it's still there. the u.s. is a distant third with 13%. 13% of the u.s. economy coming from manufacturing. scott, are policy failures to blame for the u.s. losing this race or some would argue it's
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policy successes, we earn more money and as a result it's not economical to build some of the things that other countries build. >> i don't think that's the case, ali, and i do think it's policy that's at fault. i think too much of our economic policy has been focused on the financial sector and the latest greatest thing, the tech bubble in the 90s, the housing bubble. we've chased these bubbles. the study path to growth and stability and we can learn a lot from germany. listen to this ali. manufacturing workers in germany make an average of $48 an hour compared to 32 in the united states. there is heavy trade union involvement. but what they have in place that we don't ask a system of patient capital, a system of vocational training and reinvestment into that high-end manufacturing so that they can keep manufacturing study. >> great conversation, thank you. i'm ali velshi with this week's for tune brain storm.
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you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. top stories straight ahead including a nationwide salmonella outbreak. the cdc issues a new warning for consumers. we'll have details straight ahead. meantime a new study there could be a link between older forms of dental x-rays and the most common type of brain tumor. the study was published in the journal "cancer" and looked at people with tumors and how frequently they were exposed to
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full mouth x-rays. the study suggests that this is really about how much spees ur of this type of radiation that people, you know, have encountered. but alarming nonetheless. >> we're talking about -- the study proved that people who have men incorporate yoem mas remembered getting x-rayed in the past. >> so now, when we say in the past, what are we talking about? because x-ray technology has changed tremendous over the years. are we talking about x-rays of the past and people who are of a certain age bracket now? >> you're exactly right. older x-ray equipment released more radiation. equipment now is probably a lot safer but some dentists have older equipment. but these people remember having them often when they were
3:22 pm
younger. i think what works more in the environment is more now than it used to be, but medical procedures have become safer. >> are we at a point where we need to ask our dentist, how current is your technology or you know what i don't want to have one and scale it back to once every two or three years. >> i think you're exactly right. i thought about how often i had sexras and i trust my dentist. i've been going to him for years and i think it's a fair conversation to have. my dentist has pretty new looking equipment, but i think it's also fair to say do i need these, i think it's a good conversation to have. the study should no no way scare people of not going to the dentist. >> should children ohm be of a certain age or should you be of a certain age before you're exposed to your first x-ray or what comes after that? >> yeah.
3:23 pm
here's a little bit of a trick. children, the ada recommends that they get x-rays a little more often, because they've got baby teeth and aadult teeth and they may not let the dentist do a good exam. so they recommend one to two years, adults two to three years, so kids are more vulnerable, they probably need x-rays more. so it's a balance thing. you have to talk to your dentist and trust your dentist. >> and ask the questions. because a lot of times patients are afraid to ask the questions they feel like they're undermining them to ask their questions. >> you should have that kind of rapport. if you live in a big city you have the luxury of lots of doctors and dentists, you should have a relationship where you can have an open dialogue with your health care providers. >> and there's not anything protective that you can cloak on a person when you get these x-rays to cut down the chances of a tumor? >> not on the tumor. but they recommend the dentists use that you use the aprons and
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thyroid. but for cancer, there's nothing they put you on to protect you. >> keep going to the dentist, got to get those teeth checked out. just be vigilant and ask those questions. thank you so much. >> thank you. 5.5 million people are on high alert right now bracing for thunderstorms that are ripe to create a outbreak of tornadoes. we'll have a report from the target zone? just a few moments. than any ot. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check.
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we're learning more details about a scandal involving the u.s. secret service. personnel assigned to president obama's trip to colombia have been relieved of duty and sent home. this came after they allegedly had contact with prostitutes in colombia. government sources say about a dozen personnel, acts and secret service police officers were involved. none were part of the president's protective detail. but earlier i spoke with dan em et, a retired secret service agent and i asked him how this incident would be investigated. >> initially it's going to be looked into the office of inspection, which is the secret service version of internal
3:28 pm
affairs that you would have in a police department. and of course investigations can escalate up to the inspector general's level. but generally speaking, something like this would be handled internally. >> the white house has said, and again they're going to have a press conference later on today, 5 o'clock eastern and we're going to cover that, those in the white house have said reportedly that this has not compromised the security of the president. but do you question that? i mean, that this kind of conduct could indeed have compromised the security of the president? >> personally i don't see that as being an issue. i don't think for a minute, looking at the circumstances that are known right now, that would be an issue, no. >> that anyone who would be a visitor would put anything, plant anything in a hotel that the president was soon to be staying. wouldn't that be a concern? >> no, it would not be. and that the president's area,
3:29 pm
where he is going to be staying, i think is pretty well known that that area is going to be swept and ensure that there's not going to be anything there. none of these women i can assure you would have had any proximity whatsoever to the presidential area where he's going to be staying. >> all right. and again, there is now going to be a white house briefing coming from cartagena colombia later on today. now it's been moved to 4:00 eastern time. we'll cover that live. and there is a new health warning for those of you who eat fish. the cdc says at lease 116 people in 20 states and the nation's capital are infected with a strain of salmonella. they think it was caused by raw yellow fin tuna. it's used to make sushi and sashani. robin gibb has fouling into
3:30 pm
a coma. according to a representative, doctors believe the singer has developed a secondary tumor. his family is keeping vigil at his bed side. a baltimore man is locked up and accused in a violent videotape robbery that left a tourist beaten up and robbed of his clothes. you can hear onlookers laughing at the victim. according to the baltimore sun, the 20-year-old suspect is being held on a million bond. apple facing serious allegations of price fixing. how the case could end up saving you some money. next on gaming and gadgets. nipo. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle.
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and that's when they caught something serious on mine. but we could treat it before it was too late. i'll be around to meet number two! get the screenings you need. learn more at you don't want to miss any of this! a warming from the storm prediction center is about as strong as it gets. forecasters say we are hours from what they are describing as a life threatening outbreak of tornadoes across the plains states. 5 million people are told to be hypervigilant over the next several hours. sues on-candiotti is joining us now from norman, oklahoma. >> reporter: well, these people are bracing for very serious weather and tornadic activity, and that's because they were hit
3:34 pm
as early as friday afternoon. fortunately, that tornado did not cause any serious damage, but there was some damage, the property got knocked around a bit, but only minor injuries. right now we're on i-35 heading north from norman, oklahoma, towards kansas and on to nebraska. because those are some of the key areas that noaa's storm prediction is saying is extremely high risk. of course, oklahoma is of course in that same danger zone. and we spent the day, fredricka, as you know, at that storm prediction center and talked to a lot of experiments who were putting together their forecast right now. they have all the latest technology and are able to put out these warnings. for the first time in two years, earlier than they normally would have. why? because they have better technology and they want to get that information out there to as many people as possible because
3:35 pm
of what the next 24 to 48 hours could be like. so looking ahead here, you can see that we're seeing very cloudy skies, saw the sun peek through a bit earlier in the day, but now it's becoming much more overcast and certain we don't expect conditions to improve, we expect them to get worse as the hours go on. >> here you are talking to us as you're driving there, you're making me nervous. keep your eyes on the road please, i'm also noticing an awful lot of people on the road. are they heading in a direction that is marked as an emergency route, anything of the like? >> well, i think at this point people are still able to use time -- when the tornado -- clear right now, too, fredricka that i'm not dpriefg. my producer is driving. so things are safe. you can be assured of that.
3:36 pm
but right now is the best time for people to get whatever provisions they might need, for example, if a tornado hits and it's serious enough. make sure that they have enough food and nonperishable goods, water in the house, so that they are in place, because the most dangerous thing about this storm is that it is going to be hitting more likely than not, once the sun goes down. and meteorologists and forecasters want to be sure because of that, that people still are listening to the forecast, that they have their weatherband radios, that they are listening to the sirens and emergency calls that might be made, to make sure that you check on your neighbors and that you have a safe place to go. time and again we've been outed as you know for the last couple of months, we had some early tornadic activity this spring. we've learned time and again that people have to stay on top of these predictions.
3:37 pm
even though a tornado might not have a very good chance of hitting you, you never know when it might take a twist or turn that will put you in the direct path. >> thank you so much susan candiotti. stay safe. thank you so much. the tsa is testing new technology that could soon end up in your airport. machines will scan and verify traveler's boarding passes and id's and here is how it will work. >> reporter: they'll hand the id to the officer and the boarding pass themselves will scan on to the scanner. once the barcode scanner is complete, the passenger will hand it to the officer. the system itself will only require a few seconds to make a determination if in fact all the information is in order and if it is, the passengers will proceed to the checkpoint. if we do get an alert, we may request additional information from the passenger. >> right now the machines are
3:38 pm
only operating at dulles airport ouft side of washington. aafter several months the tsa will decide whether to expand the program. all right. apple is firing back at the u.s. justice department. the technology giant is disputing a lawsuit from the d.o.j. complaming they conspired with major publishers to raise the price on digital books. the spokesman says the accusation are not true. mario armstrong, joining us live from baltimore. >> i'll try to do mark justice. i know he's in the d.r., so i'm jealous about that. >> i'm jealous, too. this is getting pretty serious involving apple and digital books. >> yes. >> where does it go from here? >> it could go a number of ways. right now we don't know what could happen. but what the allegation states
3:39 pm
from the department of justice was that there was some price fixing on electronic books. we know right now at this point there were five publishers named in this allegation. three of those publishers have since settled with the department of justice almost immediately. only two other publishers are stanning beside apple saying wait a minute, this is not true. if this does continue to move forward, we may see e book prices roll back down. it may be a bad thing for the industry, because i worry about e-books being devalued, or almost wal-martized, but discounted, can tend to make it seem like the e-books don't have as much value. >> really? even if people keep snachg them up and letting the industry know how much they love them, how much they have modified their habits of reading as a result? >> yeah. i mean you're looking at 21% of
3:40 pm
u.s. adults you're absolutely right have had a chance to be exposed to and have read an e-book. this is a billion industry by 2015. so this is clearly not going away. and you're right, there's a bunch of middlemen stuff that's unnecessary. you need an author, a reader and an electronic means to get it there. but a lot of people i think feel that the e-book industry doesn't cost money to make these books. it does cost them money but they don't have inventory, they don't have shipping, so they do have places where they can compete. >> before you go, you also have a new app for us that cell phone companies may not like for us to actually have. tell us. >> yes. it's called carrier compare. and it does exactly what it says. it enables you on your iphone, this is just released yesterday, you can see exactly in about 15 seconds who has a better signal connection in that particular area.
3:41 pm
is it the service that you're on or is it your competitor? so a lot of people that get dropped calls and if you have dropped calls that happen in consist ten areas where you travel a lot of. you want to use this app to find out what service would work more satisfying for you. >> good for the consumer, not so for the carrier. >> they know there's data though, they just won't tell us. >> they know it. they don't want to share. that's supposed to be like an industry secret, until now. >> that's right. this app is letting it all out. >> always good to see you. >> for more high tech reviews and ideas go to chrn chn/tech. adopting can be a pretty tough process for any parent. we'll meet a man who helps gay americans fulfill their dreams.
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all right. straight ahead we'll take a look at former major league baseball player roger clem ons perjury trial. but first, this week's cnn hero is fighting to find each one a family. after finally winning his ten-year battle to to become a parent himself, he's uniquely qualified to help other gay americans to fulfill their dreams of becoming a family. take a look. >> i was adopted and i felt that i wanted to adopt a kid who needed a home. my son was in foster care for four years, and i was his 12th home. but from the minute michael and i met, i knew right away we were going to be a family. i thought everything was going great, after a month he was removed for my house i was cut
3:46 pm
off. >> finding that family for that child, it's nothing short of a miracle. and sometimes families are faced with barriers because of a myth or a misunderstanding causing the kids to stay in the foster care system longer. being a gay or lesbian individual couple makes it much harder. my name is david wing-kovarik i adopted from the gay and lesbian. >> we ear working together with you on that. i want to make sure you've got that family to family kind of support. i've worked hundreds of cases, side by side social workers. >> we covered a lot of information last week. >> i've trained thousands of foster parents. it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, and we do it for free. >> he figured out how to us over the finish line. our family wouldn't have adopted
3:47 pm
each other if it had ntd been for david. >> i'm fighting for the right of that child to have a family. it's why i keep doing it every single day. >> so remember, cnn heros are all chosen from people you tell us about who has nominated one, your nomination could help them help others. >> riffing with a guitar legend before he's inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. the iconic slash talks about his best known muchg and just how he got that nickname slash. muchg a he got that nickname slash. umuc he got that nickname slash. sicm how he got that nickname slash. e got that nickname slash. ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this
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3:51 pm
will conduct its new class. one of them will noticeably be missing, axl rose is skipping the event. in a letter to the haul, rose said he didn't want any part of the event and asked that he not be included. he cited his long time feud with the band mates. slash will attend the ceremony tonight. slash sat down to talk about his signature sound and the origins of his name. >> reporter: what is your most favorite riff ever? >> that's a really tough -- i don't think i actually have one? that i wrote? you know, i mean, sweet child 0 mine is really popular, but maybe paradise city or the intro to welcome to the jungle. >> many consider you some of the most recognizable, do you
3:52 pm
recognize that in yourself? >> no. i think the only time i ever think along those lines is only because somebody is telling me that. and then i don't know how to accept that. i definitely see myself as someone who has arrived at that point as being athat influence. >> where does the nickname slash come from? >> when i was a kid, my best friend, his dad used to call me slash. and i didn't know why for the longest time. and at some point, i don't know, maybe ten years later, i had a chance to have dinner with him. and you know i finally got to ask him and he just said basically because i was always hustling something up and never had time to took and it was always in passing and he started taulg me slash and it made sense because i guess i am like that.
3:53 pm
he's going on tour next month to promote his second solo album.
3:54 pm
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3:57 pm
former pitching great roger clemens is headed back to court for a perjury retrial, but will prosecutors get a conviction this time? they're taking another swing at it. i asked our legal guys avery and richard earlier today. >> getting that mistrial, the government was embarrassed. you don't like to embarrass the government. they're going to streamline the case, watching their ps and qs this time, but you know, at the end of the day, fred, at the end of the day, a pitcher who throws faster at the end of his career than he did when he was younger, you know, something's up here. and andy pettitte is going to come in, and this was his former bff. he's going to get on the witness stand and he's going to give it to them in spades, that roger acknowledged taking hgh. you can cross-examine as much as you want, but the jury is going to see it. >> and so avery, that has to be
3:58 pm
revealed? that's almost as if it's going to be a trial about steroid use, performance enhancing drugs in order to prove that he perjured himself? >> well, it's actually even better for the government in that respect because the last time around before the pretrial, fredrick fredricka, the government only had transkriments. now they have pettitte's recordings. it's increased, and i agree. i think roger clemens is in a world of trouble. i can't believe he testified before congress in the first place. >> because he didn't have to. >> he was put underoath. he didn't have to do it. >> a bad position, right? >> six charges he's looking at here. >> oh, boy. last time, there was evidence that the prosecutors brought forth that the judge had already ruled was inadmiserable. but the prosecutors felt like they really needed the evidence
3:59 pm
to throw it in there or taint the jury pool or something, or was that an indicator of the strength or weakness of their case, even the second time around, avery? >> no, it was a mistake. the judge reggie walton, had already knocked out andy pettitte's wife's affidavit. it wound up in a video on the second day of trial. they're going to do it again and do it better and i think roger clemens and i think i'm the first one saying it, we're looking at a conviction. >> calling it as they see it. you can catch them every saturday, noon eastern time. >> here in the cnn newsroom, i'm fredricka whitfield, a major scandal with the u.s. secret service is overshadowing president barack obama's appearance at the summit of the americas. roughry a dozen


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